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Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is made from a variety of materials, mostly alloys (mixture of various metals) to ensure they remain looking beautiful we ask you to practice some general precious metal care.

General Care for Plated Jewelry:

  • Avoid contact with perfumes, sprays, lotions, water or soaps.
  • Sweat and moisture can also cause tarnishing.
  • Remove jewelry when showering, swimming or exercising.
  • Store jewelry in a box or jewelry bag free of any exposure to moisture.

Further Notes on Alloy Metal:

An alloy is a combination of two or more metals such as zinc, nickel, copper, silver etc.  For example, brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Some people have allergic reactions to jewelry containing nickel, if you tend to have these or other allergies we would advise some caution when ordering. Some metals still may contain nickel even though they say otherwise due to the way they are manufactured. 


A chemical reaction can occur with skin contact turning it green. If this concerns you, you can prevent it by applying clear nail polish on any surface the item comes in contact with the skin.