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About Us

Sometimes a light can shine so bright, they think no one sees them at all. And sometimes that feeling can draw others, those bent on extinguishing that light.

To know Brilliant Paths you have to understand that feeling. Not wholly, but some aspect of it. As women it happens all too frequently. Brilliant Paths became a slow burning spark after a period of unimaginable loss and feeling the need for new direction. We seek guidance wherever we can, for us it was the stars.

Today is Your Day, The Day of The Brilliant Path

This is our New Moon, our new path. We hope to encourage you to find yours and while helping others who may have lost their way.

Brilliant Paths is a zodiac fashion brand consisting of jewelry, accessories and style based around astrology, horoscopes and zodiac signs. Proceeds from our sales benefit charities that help women in need. We are sisters helping sisters find their path.

Q1 Charity- Victoria Women's Transition House

Victoria Women’s Transition House Society collaborates, advocates and educates to address and prevent intimate partner violence and abuse of women and children through supportive shelter, housing, counselling and other community-based services.